Aft Deck Replacements


All Marinette models, except for the aft cabin models, were made with vinyl covered plywood aft decks.  The aft decks are one of the only problem areas on the boats, especially near the corner drains.  Eventually water works its way under the vinyl, cannot evaporate and begins to rot the plywood deck.  The rotting process is accelerated by daily heating by the sun. 


To replace the deck you will need the following:


Nautilex Marine deck vinyl (white with black strips)

Nautilex vinyl adhesive

5/8" Marine Grade Plywood


The decking is screwed to the supports from underneath.


Be careful when removing the old decking since you will need to use it as a pattern for the new deck.


Other alternatives such as Plasteak, Starboard and aluminum plate have been used to prevent the necessity for future replacement however the cost is higher.


More details on aft deck replacements available with an NMA Membership


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