Marinette Bottom Paint

(not to be confused with barrier coat)



Until the mid 1990's most boats (fiberglass included) used anti-fouling paints containing Tri-butal- tin (TBT).  When this type of anti-fouling paint was outlawed by the EPA in the mid 1990's paints containing Cuprous-Oxide became the primary anti-foulant paints.  Unfortunately for aluminum hulled boats Cuprous-Oxide is not compatible.  Cuprous-Oxide will cause the aluminum hull to corrode and pitting will occur. 


Anti Fouling bottom paints containing Cuprous-Oxide should never be used on an aluminum hull.


There are anti fouling paints that are compatible with aluminum hulls.


Trilux 33  -  Available from Interlux ( is compatible with aluminum hulls and is the primary anti-foulant used on Marinettes.


EP-ZO -      Available from epaint ( is compatible with aluminum hulls


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